• Christopher Corbett
The Poker Bride Is Out In Paperback

The Poker Bride is out in paperback from Atlantic Monthly.  Buy it at Amazon!

The First Chinese to Gamble on the Wild West

China Daily, The Poker Bride

The Poker Bride paints a grim picture of the US faced by Chinese in the years leading up to the Exclusion Act, but in Corbett's thorough account of that world, he manages to document a humanity that white Americans often were blind to.

"The Chinese in the old days were remarkably resilient, patient and industrious," he writes. "Those are not clichs. The ghosts of the old Chinese - in a very real sense - haunt the American West, even today. We should never forget them."

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Mining The Frontier of Fable

"Imagine 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller,' 'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre' and 'Deadwood' hand-stitched together and given a novel slant as a mini-epic of Chinese immigrant life. That suggests the polyglot vitality of Baltimore writer Christopher Corbett's new nonfiction book, 'The Poker Bride.'

"With 'The Poker Bride,' Corbett cements his claim as an ace surveyor of America's borderland of fable."

Michael Sragow, The Baltimore Sun